Nov 26 2011

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هدف اصلی کنفرانس بن دو اتحاد مرتجعين است ترجمه انگلیسی

The main goal of Bon conference II is to unite the reactionary

 Twice come on the stage, the great personalities and significant events, firstly, in a tragic manner, and in second turn in comedic manner. Nonetheless, bothBonnconferences which were held onAfghanistanhave the same outcome as above. The firstBonnconference ten years ago, despite all expectations, optimisms from the mass was in fact the beginning of pain and new tragedy. The secondBonnconference in a condition which the reactionary and imperialism have vowed to show their capacity and capabilities in action, is no more than a comic show. The first Bonn conference not only was thoroughly focused by international community but also a significant opportunity in Afghanistan’s and region’s political scenario, but the second Bonn conference in reality is the repetition of the same useless gathering which concludes with a new struggle for reconciliation of Taliban which will fail again.

We remember, how the international media were advertising the firstBonnconference, but that conference ended up with empowerment of ethnic warlords, Jihadist groups and despite all promises it went up with continuous misery and injustice for the poverty stricken people ofAfghanistan.  After a decade of theBonnagreements the bloodshed still continuous which the imperialists had invaded to stop it. Day by day these dilemmas spread out across the region.Afghanistanis still the worst place for women and children. The amount of poppy production, drug smuggling, poverty, unemployment and worst than all social classes have widen up and spread up quickly.

The first Bonn conference is not only the beginning of a tragedy for the people ofAfghanistanbut also a failure of imperialism and reactionary forces which have trapped deeply in this mess.

The harsh circumstances which is for both the people ofAfghanistanand their enemies have several reasons and solutions and focal points. The United States and its allies in the last decade just unlike some optimists who realized the firstBonnconference and its participants as a good alternative and compulsory, they gathered and empowered their ally movements.

The firstBonnconference once again showed us and most specifically the liberals that who are the real trustworthy for imperialists.

This conference also taught the new domestic so called liberals that imperialists has no respect for independent demands of the people and lower classes of the society at all. They also do not care for it and there is nothing in common among the interests of different social classes. Although it has been proven that all the slogans and promises to endure freedom, establish democratic system and respect human rights were all nothing which showed the real face of imperialism. Perhaps to mention this fact after all experiences in these ten years and specially the aims for the secondBonnconference is unrealistic but realizing the facts and recognizing the real face of imperialism which never defend freedom and do not respect the people’s interests is the real political struggle in the future. The secondBonnconference which intend to bring Islamists and reactionary forces on one platform again, it can be a solution or even the best solution for imperialism, but definitely it is a solution against revolution ‘sacred alliance’ the enemies of the people, labors and masses.

The alternatives and solution which are offered by revolutionary movements and interest of the people and labors ofAfghanistancontradicts the alternatives and solutions offered by their enemies and conferences like the one inBonn. Hereby, before the secondBonnconference takes place, and bearing in mind the portfolio of a decade of imperialism inAfghanistanand the region, no one has doubt on the outcome of this conference unlike the previous one. In addition the democratic movements and socialists on the first hand are responsible to expose the real face of imperialism and their agenda in this conference specially the reconciliation policy with the Taliban and their murderer allies. In a condition which the imperialism and reactionary forces perish the doubts among the masses day by day, and are being trapped in unsolvable crisis and messes the time has come for the socialists and freedom movements to step in with clear demands.


Long live Socialism!!

Executive committee of worker socialists of Afghanistan.

Nov.26th. 2011

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